Friday, 20 January 2017

Chicken Tempura

Hello, so as I am writing this it is Thursday night and I seriously have not been creative lately because there is nothing to do at all. I have only been waiting for my assessment feedback and so far so good. So on Thursday night I had this for dinner and it is a perfect timing for a blog post on Friday which is foooood related! Today I will be showing you how to make chicken tempura with rice. I always have it with rice but you can just have the chicken and chilli sauce.
  • Gogi powder
  • Chicken breast
  • bread crumb
  • oil
  • Sweet Chilli sauce
  • Rice (If you are having it with rice)
  • If you are going to have this with rice make sure you cook rice first because it takes forever and the chicken itself only takes about ten minutes in total. I used rice cooker so it is very easy but if you don’t have a rice cooker, if you go to supermarket and get the type of rice you want usually there is instructions on the back of the package on how you can cook them.
Chicken Tempura
  • Slice of chicken into thin slices, does not matter the length.
  • After you have cut all the chicken and depending on the amount of chicken, according to one chicken breast, put about three teaspoons of Gogi powder and add about 5-10 drops of water make sure that it is not too watery. If it’s not enough you can always add more.
  • Set the oil on the pan and wait for it to heat up at medium heat.
  • then dip the chicken into the Gogi powder that has been mixed with few drops of water.
  • dip in into the breadcrumb (double side of the chicken).
  • Put it into the pan. Make sure both sides are cook and you can always turn them around so that they are cooked evenly.
  • Wait until golden and it will be ready to be taken out.
Once you are done, you can decide how much rice you want, put it onto the plate, and it is served with sweet chilli sauce.

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