Friday, 20 January 2017

Checklist to move into your student house

We are yet another week closer to moving back to University, here is a list provided by Walton Robinson to help you out!
  1. Make a plan in advance – There is nothing worst than stressing out last minute because you don’t know where to begin when it comes to the day so best to avoid that stress by planning ahead. Maybe your family can lend a hand? If you and your friends who are from the same area moving in together then maybe hire a van together to save some money and take as much as you can in one trip.
  2. Paper work – To me, the most stressful part of moving is the paper work. This is where all the legal terms and conditions are and in my personal experience, you should read this carefully and understand your contract with the estate agent, then pay the amount that you have to pay before you move in by the date they set for you, after you’ve done your part, make sure that all of your friends who are living in the same house as you have done the same thing. If one of your friends fail to do so, the estate agent will not give out the key to any rooms in the house because the payment isn’t complete.
  3. Collecting the keys – you will also have to call and make an appointment with the estate agent to let you know you’re going in to collect the keys, do this in advance to avoid stress. Some days the estate agent may be open or close, you’ll never know. Best to know that your plan is not going to go wrong.
  4. Know your point of contract – When you collect your keys, make sure that you are given the number and the e-mail of the person you should contact if there is any issues with the property or if there is any out of hour emergency numbers. Lead tenant is usually the point of contact.
  5. Inventory – You will be given an inventory when you move in, this will be a list of contents of the building. Make sure you know the deadline of the return date of the inventory, this will make moving out easier. This is when you pay close attention to every item and make any corrections that may be necessary. An example for this is if the door has broken edges before you move in, make note of that so that you don’t get charged for that towards the end of your tenancy.
  6. Utilities & Bills – You will be asked to record meter readings on your inventory form. Keep a note of them as you will need this information when creating new utilities accounts. If you need any help with this, your property supervisor should be able to help you.
  7. Council Tax – Students are exempt from paying council tax but you will need to inform the council of your exemption status or you will be sent a bill. You will be able to download a form here.
  8. Summer Arrangements – If you are planning to move your things in but not planning to live there during the summer holiday, inform your landlord or estate agent. This may be obvious to anyone but just in case, I am going to tell you this anyway. Remember to switch the heating and any plugs off before you leave and make sure you don’t leave any valuables on display!
As a person who moved into a house last year, and seeing this list now, I felt like I should have been advised by someone about all of these points that are being made. This list will be useful for any future students who are planning to move into a house very soon and this is a perfect timing to share this with you. I would like to thank Walton Robinson for sharing this with students like us so we won’t make any mistakes and knows what to do when anything happens.
This post is kindly sponsored by Walton Robinson.
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