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I went to Cambridge with my boyfriend. First time with my parents. Second time with my boyfriend. Is it me or you as well, I feel like travelling freely without parents is so much better, if you’re reading, I apologise mother but honesty is honesty. I actually took so many beautiful footages and was looking forward to editing it until one day after work when I was about to edit it, I realise that I don’t have any footages saved and formatted my card; saying this, with my canon camera, all images and videos will be saved in DCIM folder but it isn’t the same with my new camera, Sony A5100 and only found this out as I was about to edit the video… sigh… So here is a very in depth detail of my holiday instead.


This is my very first experience using Air B&B and I must say that I am very impressed with our host. They gave us all the information we needed before we arrive and as soon as we arrive. Frank, our host is very friendly and asked us about our journey there and he let us get on with our lives. Furthermore, he also said that we have breakfast with this booking which surprised me because I did not think there was one! The room is very affordable. If you are ever going to Cambridge, I would really recommend Frank’s place.


  • As we walk about a few road away from the house, this is the view we get. There is a pub close to it and there are trees for you to sit under if you are a shade person, best part is, there are two Poké Stops right under those trees! Most amazing thing ever.
  • Walking away from that bridge, there are so many parks around that area. My boyfriend saw a book that was just left on this bench, I was curious what book it was, turns out its in French and I don’t know French so that was a good hunt!
  • Bikes are also left everywhere around Cambridge which is so nice to see because it helps the environment. I felt more like a student when I was there even when I didn’t study there. It was a nice feeling though.
  • As we were walking for dinner, I saw this road that had so many ads of shows on it and it is so stunning. I remember going to London but in London, it was on phone boxes, street lamps and it makes the city looks quite bad but seeing this in Cambridge makes me feel like the city have such a clean environment.
  • His dinner.
  • Her dinner.
  • His dessert.
  • Her dessert.
  • All the pictures summarised our DAY 1 in Cambridge. I was so tired when I arrived I nearly fell asleep as soon as we got there but I thought to myself, I can’t just come to a beautiful city like this just to sleep, I was so happy I did not fall asleep after that. The last two pictures above was taken when we were walking back to the house. It was a car park that says do not park in so many languages and I just have never seen anything like this before, I thought it was funny. It was a good day one.


  • This picture is basically me testing out my new camera. That is all but I thought I should share it anyway. On our second day we went to two museums however I did not take a lot of pictures because there was so much!
  • This is the one quote that was on the exit of a museum, I don’t remember which but I feel like it is true so here it is, to share it with you lovely people.
  • So the weather was pretty bad half way into day so we just took a walk around one of the campuses of the University. OMG is it just so beautiful. I can’t even tell you how badly I fell in love with the city.
  • No matter how bad the weather, we still went for ice-cream, we had lunch afterwards and left Cambridge. I am not a massive fan of rain so I wasn’t in the mood to do anything with the rest of the day although we could have stayed longer.
Alright, this is all I have to share on Cambridge. I just really wish I haven’t accidentally deleted all my footages from Cambridge so you can see more of how beautiful it actually is. I still really have enjoyed my time off with my boyfriend though. It was one of the best time offs I have ever had.
Keep in touch xo ♡

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