Friday, 20 January 2017

Busy Bee

Hello, friends! Another blog post after such a long sassy weekend with the boyfriend but before I start talking about my boyfriend, let me tell you about my weekdays first. I have had a really busy week this week hence the lack of blog post. I am going to tell you what I did each day of the week so you get the idea of how busy I was.
Monday, I have had a lecture in the morning and I was planning for my busy week, sending people e-mails, phone calls to people, reading for my lectures, and reading for my essay.
Tuesday, I was at University all day, had meetings and lecture all day, came back home and read books again, as you do. I was also being interviewed by Nerve Media at University as  blogger and a YouTuber so I was featured on the website which made me very happy! Links here. Have a read!
Wednesday, well, supposed to be my day off but no, as I have a production day this coming Wednesday but our idea was so unclear that it was worrying me so I asked my friend Shao Yi who is also in my group to help me out for the group. We spent all day doing the research and the script. Shao Yi helped me with the research and I was on the script. we started our day at about 10am and had no break. By 4.30pm our idea are still not together until I deeply thought to myself why I used social media personally. So I managed to link the ending to the intro and made the script flow throughout. By about 5pm on the dot we were done and packed straight away. I was very happy.
Thursday, I had lecture all day, group meeting and I had to travel to see my boyfriend at the end of the day. I won’t get to his house until 11pm but he was there to pick me up luckily. So this was the end of my productive day.
Friday, Lucky for me that this week, my weekend start on Friday because my boyfriend got Friday and Monday off and once in a while we have a long weekend together. Our original plan was to go out at night and just watched films day time however it changed slightly. We ended up playing on his xbox all day which I kinda like but suck at but I call this the game of embarrassment but hey, practice makes perfect right?
Saturday, A late wake up to another game of embarrassment but honestly, I’ve been feeling lazy since Friday only because I got half my documentary sorted especially the script which is what I worry about most. I felt like giving my brain a peace of mind. I had it and it was fun. Sometimes after such a long stressy week with studying or working, take couple of days, one or two as you prefer off may be a good idea because it made me feel like I restarted it and ready for the week after. After being lazy all day, at night we went to the most awesome restaurant ever in Milton Keynes, Chimichanga and I LOVE it. The best thing that has ever happened to me. Here are some images to make you slightly jealous of my life and my boyfriend.
Sunday, The laziest day ever as people call it. Yeah, we woke up so late, like 12pm, then we had breakfast and went back to sleep, don’t ask why or how because I have no idea myself about how it happened. We woke up just about on time for when we were about to drive back to Bournemouth as he has Monday off from work. Lucky me! We then drove back to Bournemouth at about 6pm and got to Bournemouth at about 9pm. There was no traffic at all but the weather was so so bad. Believe it or not, he then buys me pizza.. yeah.. the best boyfriend ever. He already have the best boyfriend award from me đź™‚
Anyway, folks! These are the reasons why I have been extremely busy this week, life and boyfriend and of course, friends too. I am also having a busy week this week but I will definitely update again soon! lots and lots of love x

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