Friday, 20 January 2017


When it comes to buying shoes, I often look for stores that offer a lot of brands at difference price range and yet sell it for affordable price. Brantano is definitely the place to go. It has an online store and often have deals there *hint hint* not only that, if you would rather try out the product, search for a Brantano store nearest to you. Brantano offers shoes for all ages, as to why they call their brand “Brantano, shoes for all the family.” They also have shoes for every occasion, what are you looking for? Workout shoes? Work shoes? Sandals? Heels? Etc, Brantano has everything under one roof.
I was very happy that I was approached by Brantano because I was planning to buy some workout shoes before University starts. I am a sort of person who would usually get motivated if I have the right equipment for a certain thing and in this case, something that will motivate me to go to the gym. As a student, I will also try my best to look for a place that is affordable and also give you quality no matter what.
Brantano is definitely one place I would go to if I were to buy shoes as they offer a lot of brands at an affordable price. As a student, it is also nice to be able to buy anything affordable and look at many brands in one place because time is precious to me and I could just go to one place to get everything that I need; workout shoes, shoes that I would wear to University, shoes for interviewing during my placement year, perfect!
*Brantano kindly gifted this Nike shoes to me for reviewing purposes. I have never personally own my personal pair of sport shoes because my mother and I wear the same shoes size. As I was planning to get one of my own, I was approached by Brantano’s media team at a perfect timing. First impression was just “wow,” and I wore it around the house for a while because it felt so light and in an Asian house hold, even in England, we never wear shoes around the house.
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