Friday, 20 January 2017

Bournemouth University Careers Fair 2016

When thinking about careers fair, I first thought about what media companies I can work for because I am currently studying media production and any work that I get into should be a media based company. I am going to tell you fellow students what I have learnt at the careers fair today. Some of you may know this already however for some of you who do not, you’re welcome 😉


  • At the very beginning of the year, find out when the careers fair will be at your University, once you know this, put this on your calendar!
  • A week before the careers fair, grab a booklet that tells you about who is going to be there. Usually the event will be for two days in a role and different employers will be there on each day. Very few employers will be there two days but it can happen. Look through the booklet to find out which companies will definitely be there on each day. Highlight different colours for each day of who is going to be there. One colour is coded for one day and make sure you know your codes.
  • Few days before your Careers Fair, list down questions you would like to ask your future employer such as, where they are based, dress code, salary, do they do one year placement, benefits of working for their company etc, and once you know all the questions you would like to ask, write it down several times in a notebook that you are going to use to plan your placement so once you ask the question, instead of just taking your time to write those questions down again, you actually just write down the right information in the right place.


  • After you have collected all the information from the questions that you have asked each employer, write down those information again so is clearer for the next time you come back because quickly writing things down, you will only remember it on the day but when you come back to read it, it might not make sense.
  • The reason I mentioned to ask for names is because you can make a connection with the person who is already working for that company. Constantly keep in contact so that they recognise you.
  • Research on the companies you want to work for, roles, location, salary, and everything and then you can save those companies in your bookmark bar.
  • I also usually create a note of deadlines for applications on each company that I have bookmarked in the notes section on my laptop so I don’t miss out.
  • Doing this, you will then know what CV you will have to craft in order to apply.
Every University will have a Careers Centre where they will help all students check through CV before they send it off, any sort of careers advice at all. If you need help from them, find out where they are and book and appointment with them as soon as you can so you don’t miss out on opportunities! I have you have had a lovely weekend and found this article useful. I have had my Careers Fair on Wednesday and this is what I have learnt so I thought I should share this with those of you who are planning to go to University or in first year and should be prepared for what to expect.
Keep in touch xo ♡

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