Friday, 20 January 2017

Best of my 2015

Hey everyone, this will be my last blog post of 2015, obviously! There is only about 50 minutes left of this year and I have decided to make a start on this last minute blog post that highlights my year and what I have been doing this Christmas holiday. I will be sharing everything so make sure you are on the most comfortable seat of the house with a cup of tea of coffee, whichever your preference and be ready for the highlights of this year! All I can say is that I have learnt so much this year and have met a lot of wonderful people. Thank you to those who are part of it. As you may know, I do not want to make this blog post too long so apologies to those I cannot mention.
The best of my 2015 in pictures
  1. In the summer where I redecorated my bedroom when I came back from uni. Not too pink anymore but instead is in the colour that I love; red, black, and white.
  2. Having bubble tea in Vienna!
  3. Filming a girl’s night in with Jeannie and our love for face mask is real! I had the best time ever because I wouldn’t usually do this with anyone. Such a laugher and we were so loud!
  4. Dying my hair green is me taking life to another level. Good though, I have received compliments nearly everywhere I visit.
  5. I went to the Script’s concert.
  6. Hard to say but I have the best boyfriend ever who spoils me with books and planners.
  7. Changing to Media Production at University has made me extremely happy and feel like I know what I am going to do with my life as of 2015. But in 2016, I am planning to work on it for so much harder so that I can become another step closer to my future.
  8. Boyfriend taking me to Bath, my favourite city in the UK however, internet and phone signal is so so bad I do not want to think about it. Although it is a mind detox.
  9. My mother visiting me in the UK. We only see each other once a year and that is my favourite picture of me and her.
2015 best nine
My Christmas Holiday
As a university student, responsibility is an extremely important skill to have. Organising time and everything comes handy when it is the holiday season and I still had to do work. I organise day by day such as waking up, this is how much I am writing, and in the evening this is how much I am going to write. It doesn’t have to be work all day all night. It is the holiday season so give yourself a rest but still never forget work! Lucky my mother have taught me well about this sorts of things so I always have work at the back of my head.
A day out in London, 29th Dec 15
So my boyfriend hasn’t been to London for about five years now and since I am such a London expert, we have been planning this trip for so long and we had such a good time together. This picture was captured at Oxford Street, walking towards Bond Street Station. It was such a beautiful night and I do not know why but city lights make me happy. What is your opinion on city lights? We shopped for about three hours and then went to Winter Wonderland.
  1. A day out in London does me good, I walk more than ever when shopping and going to Winter Wonderland. If I could do this everyday I think by the end of 2016, I will become Beyonce Junior.
  2. I won a Minion toy and my boyfriend took it. I think I am the male in the relationship right now!
  3. New lipstick and new favourite selfie. Took the picture when I was extremely bored but the point of my picture is that it is my new favour lipstick from Mac and absolutely love it! There will be a blog post on this shade soon.
The view of Winter Wonderland at night is so beautiful. I was so ill that I cannot ride on rides that make me scream the hell out of my skin so I went on baby rides. Just ones that I can scream but obviously not too loud. Sometimes I accidentally screamed to the top of my voice, by accident, of course on purpose because I was scared of falling! >_<
We did not spend too long in London because we went there mid day. We went to M&M, shopping, eating, meeting a fellow Thai YouTuber which was such a pleasure. I have never met any other Thai YouTubers in real life other than Jeannie who is a friend that also does YouTube. Other than everything I have mentioned, I have had a really great time on the day but it was also extremely tiring because I have never walked that long since I last work.
A supposed to be productive lazy day, 30th Dec 15
Was supposed to go back to Bournemouth but did not, 31st Dec 15
Anyway guys, this is all my highlights of my 2015 and what I did during this Christmas Holiday! I hope you got what you wanted for Christmas and even if you did not, be thankful because everybody else may be less fortunate than you đź™‚ I wish you all the best in 2016! Good things and bad things happen every year but we all learn from our mistakes. A person who makes mistake is more likely to be successful because they have tried many things in life and will not repeat the same mistake and have learnt from it. So stay strong and enjoy the upcoming year! <3 off to countdown now, only 20 minutes left of 2015.

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