Friday, 20 January 2017

Back at University

Hello there! Happy Monday everyone, hope your Monday is going well so far, as for mine, the first thing was that I already woke up late but luckily I wasn’t late for my 10am morning lecture. The only difference is that I wasn’t able to cook for my lunch and had to buy some snack instead, never my first option though because I try my best to save all the pennies I can. Yes, this is a pain of a student.
This is my third week back at University and as usual, lecturers don’t really help much and I already have 6 assignments, just what I needed. I start doing the research for my design part though because I really hate leaving work until last minute and maybe leave the theory part until later when lecturers decide to teach me more on things I need to know on order to get started with the essay.
For dinner today I think I am going to cook myself some chicken and and also prepare lunch for tomorrow. I usually have marinated chicken with rice. I’ve just known how to cook only recently and I am already loving my own cooking.
Anyway, have a great day ahead of you and I shall see you hopefully tomorrow if I get a chance to blog, adios for now, friends.

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