Friday, 20 January 2017

A Survival Guide to dealing with group work at University

Hi university warriors! I am assuming that you are at either school or university if you clicked on this blog post. At school, it doesn’t affect too much unless the grade of the group actually affect you. At university, there is this thing called peer assessment which I really hate because people that get along will stand up for one another and those who do hard work, I repeat hard work and no matter how hard will get whatever the group decide if that two people can persuade the rest of the group then your grade will be screwed. Let me tell you now though my friends, I hate group work because the grade is never fair and this has happened to me multiple times. I have decided to write this post because I would like to help those who will be facing this soon and if you know what you are going to face then you know how to solve the problem in advance.
Pick a role well
In group work, there are different roles to choose from and make sure you choose the role that you think will get you the grade you want. You do your job well and you will get the basic grade. If you want above basic. Work on your role hardcore such as doing extra work, extra research, and do things that nobody else wants to do if there is. Make sure to always take the lead. That is what I always make sure I do. I know it is the hard job but if someone else wants the grade too then they could have at least argued for it, right? Why leave it to the time of peer assessment where there will only be the useless sound of parrots and cats that nobody wants to hear.
Voice your idea & opinion
Whenever you have some idea or even and opinion on the group work, make sure all the group members are aware because your voice might make the grade better if the rest of the group agree with you and they can see that you are actually thinking this through carefully. How many people would actually think of university or school work when not at university? Mature students do and the rest, I don’t know. When you manage to persuade the group, that idea will be considered as yours and you will be considered as doing the main job.
Make sure the whole group is aware of what you do to help
If you need a meeting, call up for a meeting. If you are doing something for the group, let the group know what changes you are going to make followed by the reasons for why you think that your idea is better than the original. Boom another job on you. They know what you did and they know what they did. What else is there to argue if the evidence is clear?
Stand up for yourself
If the group disagree with you and if you don’t have your twin in your group, it really doesn’t matter. Stand up for what you think because you should trust yourself more than anyone else. Why would you believe in other people’s opinion more than your own but saying this, I still expect you to be listening to other group members and work on the task together rather than judging straight away because you will never know that putting your idea and another person’s idea together might make a better one. If people dislike it, ask for reasons and what they think could be done to make it better. Accept criticism now is better than accepting it when it is finally graded.
Get along…
You don’t have to like or get along with anyone in the group but consider them people you will be working with for only a short amount of time. Give it your best. At least, make an effort in getting to know them before judging them. But after you have tried everything and you know for sure that you would not like them, just pretend that you do because you will be grading each other. That is my advice based on my personal experience.
Stay Strong! ♡

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