Friday, 20 January 2017

A letter from my future self

Writing this letter a week before I turn 21, exactly a week and then publishing it today, the 13th July 2016 when I actually turn 21. I found an inspiration on another blog which I thought was a good idea and such a good reminder from my future self to my current self. There are rooms for improvements in life and this is where the truth comes in. At the age of 21, I just passed my first year University but yet see so many successful people on social media even younger than me. But I guess everybody is different, please enjoy reading this…
Dear 21 years old me,
Be thankful for what you have because some people in the world are still wishing for what you have today. To be able to study at the best media university in the UK. To have a job when on a holiday. To have a home to stay in. To have a completed family. To be able to buy what you want although you should really be thankful for what you already have. At least try your best at any opportunities that is given to you so that you know that you’ve tried your best no matter the outcome.
Study hard & work hard because you’ll never know what good opportunities will be coming your way if you do those well. I understand sometimes is about connections but you should still try hard anyways because you are already at it. Make people around you proud. Prove the doubters wrong. Do your best and kick those arses you’ve been wanting to kick for ages.
Take care of yourself because I know you’re so unhealthy is unreal and you can probably get a Guinness world record for being so unhealthy. Exercise when you have time, eat healthy when you have the opportunity. You will thank yourself later in life. And you know you wanna look good in shorts so you better work for
that dat ass
Say, “I love you” more often, you’ll never know what happens when you wake up the next morning. If you are having a fight with your boyfriend, no matter how bad, say I love you before bed because you’ll never know what happens when you wake up next morning, things may be different. If you have a fight with your mother, just apologise because she only wants the best for you. If you know that they are people that love you then you should also know that they mean no harm on you.
Travel more because you’ll never know how much time you will have the older you get because you will be working full time so travel more whilst you can. No matter how far, even if it was pretending to be a tourist in a town you’re in or in the town nearby. Travelling is still great fun, better then doing it spontaneously.
Be nicer to yourself because if you don’t love yourself, who will? If you don’t trust yourself, who will? Sometimes you can be harsh on yourself for always accepting the truth as it is and moving on but there is no bully yourself over it. that is your bad habit and you should thank yourself for at least trying everything your best!
Happy 21st to me!
Okay, uploaded this about a week after my Birthday because I was busy working!
Also, I have a very exciting news, soon I will be having a giveaway on my blog so please keep on coming back so you won’t miss the giveaway!
Keep in touch xo ♡

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