Friday, 20 January 2017

A change

Another season, another change, here comes the time to change another blog theme!
Hello there! I feel so good that finally the first half term of University is over, few assignments handed in and everything is as planned, although blogging schedule still needs to be sorted. Same as to YouTube. I managed to make so many friends, from old and new course. It is such a good feeling because I feel like I have people that I can talk to.
During this holiday, I am planning to do some blog post plans, I try to do it on a weekly basis, and YouTube ideas that I can make videos of, also not to forget that I have to film for one of my assignments.
One exciting news from me is that next week, my boyfriend and I are planning to travel to Bath where I will be vlogging and taking pictures for my blog too so this should be fun! I am quite looking forward to it.
This weekend I will also be going home to visit my mother, she is the best mother ever, like seriously.
Anyway, I will try my best to upload as often as I can and stick to my schedule, any other students can relate to the business of the schedule? Yeah…. you know what I mean! Off to bed now, good night xo

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