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Obvious from the name, this post is going to be about what I have achieved in 2016 (basically what I am proud of) and what my aim is for the upcoming year. This will also be my last post of the year and first post of 2017 just because why not! After reading this post, let me know what your achievement and goals are perhaps it might give me some idea to add to my list.


First Year University: It was such an enjoyable experience and I don’t regret changing to this course at University at all even though it may sound like I have wasted a year, I actually also learnt a lot of skills from the other course which has also helped me throughout this course such as the basics to media industry and how to search for interesting topics to write or film about. I also received good grades because I genuinely enjoyed every topic and enjoyed doing every single assignment within the course,
Getting good grades so far in second year: I’m surprisingly getting firsts this year, I mean is not like I have been working harder. I worked hard in first year as well and I received a 2:1 and not too far off a first at all but I guess I am getting used to University work and enjoying the work load so I made sure to put a lot of effort into each assignment.
Went to see a counsellor: My life isn’t perfect. I have been keeping everything to myself and at one point it could have ruined my life in so many ways. Not a lot of people in my life knows that I have any problems at all because I don’t talk to anyone about it but from now on I am not going to be ashamed of it because its not harming anyone that I am putting this on the internet and I am aware of my issue.
Creative Cactus Production: I have always wanted my own Company and finally manage to start my own one and I named it Creative Cactus Production. With the skill set that I currently have and my interest, I know this can go far! It will be relevant to my interest and what I would like to do as a job on a daily basis. This isn’t fully set yet but I am proud that I have decided to take action on this random midnight thought and I don’t regret it. Once everything is set up for this, I will post all information on it but as of for now, this is all I am going to say 🙂
Red Balloon Production: I have been working on a huge project with Red Balloon and can never be more proud about it and it will be so good for my CV. I am not allowed to go into details about this because the company that I am working with would like to remain confidential.
Being a PAL Leader: Being a PAL Leader made me so proud because I am able to help first year students and set a good example to them. I had to go through a process of presenting to PAL leaders and my head of the course for about 5 minutes presentation telling them about why I would be a good PAL leader. I never liked presenting but now it’s something that I am used to and don’t mind it anymore.
Being a year representative: This is another huge step I am taking to actually be a part of something amazing. I really care about University experience and making sure that students deserve the best once they have opted in for the choice of coming to University. Being a representative is not an easy thing but at the same time challenging. I have to collect feedback, go through a training, attend life skills workshop which is so useful, write a report and attend meetings to give feedback of improvements that should be done to make University experience better. I am proud to be a part of this because without the people who did it the previous years, I don’t think I would have enjoyed University that much.
Having a few part-time jobs at University: Getting involved in so many things at University in second year when the workload is also so much, above that, I have a few part time jobs just because why not. I am happy that I am able to manage everything above the workload that I have and still do all my jobs well and still get good grades at University. Most importantly, I am happy I have got a job as I started sending my CV off since the beginning of summer. Out of about thirty CVs that I have sent, I received about 3 call backs.
Placements: December has been a hectic but fun months for me so far. Done some placement research and received many call backs and interviews which I am so happy about. This means I’m doing the right thing here!


Second year University: I will continue to work hard, will continue the motivation and will keep it going, perhaps can make it better?
Mental health: 2016 hasn’t been a good year for me mentally but in 2017 I need to really look after my health and care more for myself. A lot of things has happened and went through quite a bit which means 2017 is the year I step up with my game.
Creative Cactus Production:  I will really work hard to make this work. Maybe at first create some contents for free to get a portfolio and start providing service. That is my plan so far anyway. At the moment I need to spend a bit more time learning after effect so I can do good animation for my Production Company 🙂
Placements: I will not give up until I get one and I know and believe that I will get one. At the moment is only December and I have already received replies so I’m sure life will do me good soon! I’m also pretty proud of my CV because I have more jobs than what’s on my CV which means that I have worked enough to learn many transferable skills since a young age.
Standing up for what I want: This is very important and I will make sure that this happens in the future. I will work on it in 2017 but currently I am already progressing with this. If I was asked to do something and don’t want to do it I won’t say yes anymore although I have always used to. I need to start standing on my ground because at the end of the day, I am not relying on anyone to live my life.
Keep in touch xo ♡

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